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Sexify Your Soul

What is it all about?

We live in a world that has an influx of information on spirituality, empowerment, self help, meditation, religion, and everything you could possibly think or not think of. Wherever you look, there is someone telling you what to do, or trying to get you to pay to know what to do. Most of the time you are left with more questions.  If you are  like I am, not sold on yoga, and meditating more than five seconds is more difficult than physics, then giving up everything to become this holy person the world expects you to be just isn’t right or realistic.


"What you see if what you get" is what I always said. I know I am a good person, though I have my moments. I love helping people. I've  been doing psychic and mediumship readings for over twelve years, I am a mom, a sculptor, I love food, animals,  and I feel everyone deserves to understand what the fuss is all about. I just want to simplify the information so that it is accessible to all generations. Empowerment, spiritual progress and achieving peace within your soul to be your happier, kinder self is a realistic goal.. Every soul needs nourishment. Sexify Your Soul is about discovering what makes your soul sexier..